Monday, May 28, 2012

Thinkfun Roll & Play

     Toddlers interact with their world around them─ they learn to think and understand behavior and how it affects their environment.  Through the introduction of simple and amusing games, you can help to nurture your little one’s early cognitive, development and motor abilities.  Thinkfun® Roll & Play™ is a wonderful first game that will grow with your child.  Roll the cube and help your toddler identify the color side up when the cube lands.  The six activities in the 48 card set are easy to read and are broken down into categories of Emotions, Body Parts, Animal Sounds, Counting, Colors and Actions.  These cards describe and illustrate the activities that you will speak or act out.  Very quickly, you and your child will be ‘mooing’ like a cow; seeking out items around the house that are of a particular color; or making silly faces at each other.  Our family really enjoyed playing with this simple yet engagingly interactive, well-made game, and it has quickly become a favorite ‘go-to’ game on our weekly Friday game nights. It is entirely portable, and it is a great game to bring along on trips to visit family or play dates. The activities will challenge your child, while expanding their creativity and imagination.  The convenient storage pocket on the side of this colorful, soft dice keeps the cards together and safe from possibly going lost.  Best of all, especially knowing how messy toddlers can get during play; the Roll & Play™ is machine washable! 

     Thinkfun® Roll & Play™ is designed for children between the ages of 18 months and up, and is best played with two or more players.  Retailing for $19.99, the Thinkfun® Roll & Play™ can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and specialty toy stores nationwide. For further information on the Roll & Play™ or other educational products from Thinkfun®, please visit their website at:

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