Tuesday, March 20, 2012

B. Toys Woofer


     Music is a natural part of life for our toddlers. They might be found singing to their stuffed animals, tapping their feet to the rhythm of nursery rhymes or enjoying the sound of their loved ones singing to them — even if we admit (like me) that we can't always carry a tune. This early introduction to music does more than entertain.  It helps to initiate early learning, serving as an important foundation to exposing our children to sensory experiences that offer lifelong benefits.  Taking this into consideration, B. Toys Woofer, is a playful and enjoyable introduction to the joys that the world of music can bring to your little one.

     The Woofer plays 20 familiar songs as well as 9 adorable and funny puppy parody favorites (and yes, moms and dads, there is a volume control button so your little rocker-to-be can play the Woofer quietly!!)  The songs utilize the three settings that your child can set with the red button on the bottom side of the Woofer─ acoustic, electric, and ‘howl’, and boy, did we howl with laughter at the funny little songs it plays!   The ‘howl’ mode plays both the same chords and songs as the acoustic and electric modes, except with the addition of doggie howls and barks in replace of guitar sounds (which turned out to be my son’s favorite play mode!).  The scale of the eight multi-colored buttons run up the side of the Woofer, are a fantastic tool for initiating early learning of the music scale.  The four blue strings really strum, so your child will be able to feel that they are really rockin’ the guitar!  The ‘Whammy Bone” in light blue on the left side lets your child create their own songs. 

     The strap has a velcro bit so you can easily open it, which is very important, as it helps to avoid your child from trying to put it around their neck.  As a longtime fan of B. Toys, I have always appreciated that not only do they create such imaginative toys, but they take into consideration all the safety issues when creating their products. The Woofer comes complete with instructions and a lyrics and songs booklet. Another great feature, which will come as a great relief and surprise to moms and dads, batteries (requires 3 AA) are included! The Woofer is well-built at a solid 2.07 pounds, and best of all, its BPA free.
     Retailing at $22.99, B. Toys Woofer can be purchased at Target stores nationwide http://www.target.com/p/B-Woofer-Hound-Dog-Guitar/-/A-13527758#?lnk=sc_qi_detailimage  For further information, please visit B.Toys website at: http://justb-byou.com/

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